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News & Updates for 2018
Christmas At Promontory


Holiday lights may be turned on November 1st, 2017 and must be turned off by March 1st, 2018. Holiday lights must be turned off by Midnight each night!

Deer Park City Utah


One of the best things about living in Promontory is sharing our space with incredible wildlife – rabbits, porcupines, squirrels, and especially this time of year, deer and elk. While we love seeing them in our yards and open space, seeing them on our roads is a different story. Each animal reacts differently to approaching cars and it’s best to let the animal clear the road first before passing. PLEASE, for your safety and the preservation of our animals, use caution and SLOW DOWN.

Gated Community Park City Utah


Members: If you have guests or service personnel that will be visiting, please register them on Promontory’s Dwelling Live system or contact the gatehouse at 435-333-4035. This allows you to register temporary or permanent guests. It even allows you to get an email as someone goes through the gate.
Dwelling Live now has an app for your phone!

Dog Park Park City Utah


Reminder that, pursuant to the CCR’s and the Conservancy’s Policy Regarding Pets, owner’s pets are not permitted to roam free on Promontory grounds at any time. Accordingly, please keep all animals on leashes when exploring trails and properly contained when at home. For those that neglect to do so, the Conservancy Board will be forced to take enforcement action pursuant to its policies, as the safety of all Promontory residents is always our top priority. Any interaction between the native wildlife (elk and the like) and pets who are running unattended could be very dangerous.

Promontory Sunsets


All vehicles driven on Promontory Roadways must be driven by a licensed driver. Although they are gated, Promontory’s streets are made subject to the traffic laws of the State of Utah by these rules. Traffic laws may be enforced by the Summit County Sheriff’s Department and violations are also subject to penalties imposed by the Conservancy. ATVs, snow mobiles, and the like shall never be driven on Promontory’s open space, trails, and/or golf courses.

No Rv Parking Sign


Please reserve the driveway space at your home for parking conventional automobiles only. Non-conventional vehicles and recreational toys, such as motor homes, campers, boats, trailers, motorcycles, must be parked in your garage so as to be completely hidden from view or at an off-site storage facility. Recognizing the need for some flexibility, the Conservancy will allow a one-hour window wherein these items may be parked in the driveway for loading, unloading, and cleaning.

Drones Dumpsters And Guns


Promontory Drone Policy – Please be advised Of the drone policy

Community Dumpsters are available to all members and owners at the Equestrian Center.

PLEASE REMEMBER: “Firearms and all other weapons of any kind are not permitted on Club Property at any time except when carried by security or law enforcement personnel on active duty.”

Mountain Lions In Park City Utah


  • Bring water, wear the right shoes, sunscreen, & a hat
  • Always hike with another person.When you are out on the trails you may see wildlife. Blue birds, birds of prey, deer and elk as well. We have a habitat that sustains a wide variety of wildlife. With this in mind, it is also important that you keep your dog on a leash at all times, not only for your pet’s protection but, also for the safety and well-being of the wildlife around us. At no time (unless you are at Promontory’s dog park) is your pet to be unleashed.
  • Coyotes are not uncommon and from time to time we can also have cougars. It is important that we all take the time to educate ourselves about living with wildlife. The State of Utah DNR has a great website that does just that. Should you ever see coyotes, badgers, or cougars here at Promontory, please call or email Joe Ellis and let him know the location so that we may report such sightings to the DNR immediately for advice and help.
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