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For your protection, we strive to ensure that every vehicle on property has an approved pass. Therefore, we have installed an internet-based software system that allows you to manage your guests’ and visitors’ access to Promontory. The ForeTees app & owner/member website notifies the gatehouses of your guests so that they may receive gate passes when they arrive. As a resident, you control the time frame when visitors can enter the property and you will be informed when they arrive.

We hope you will find this added service beneficial and helpful to the management of your Promontory home. To register a guest, manage multiple accounts or use a one-time registration code, please navigate to the member/owner website. Should you need any assistance with ForeTees, please contact us at 435-333-4000.


Now you can manage access to your Promontory home — even when you’re on the go. Download the ForeTees mobile app by clicking one of the icons below.

Download ForeTees App On Apple App Store

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