Holiday Decor & Lighting

In light of the CCR’s (Initial Use Restrictions) language being very general regarding holiday décor and lighting, the Board hereby adopts more specific rules about holiday lighting to better define the “reasonable size and scope” provision in the CCR’s. The CCR’s presently state the following:
“Board in its sole discretion shall determine whether any exterior lighting is excessive.”

“Holiday Decorations: Owners may display holiday decorations located or visible from outside their Residences if the decorations are of the kinds normally displayed in single family residential Villages, are of reasonable size and scope, and do not disturb other Owners and residents by excessive light or sound emission or by causing an unreasonable amount of spectator traffic. Holiday decorations may be displayed in season only from November 1 to March 1 and, during other times of the year, from one week before to one week after any nationally recognized holiday.”


All standards set forth below should be interpreted under the overall standard of “reasonableness.” Any homesite the Board determines is decorated or lit in an unreasonable or excessive manner may be found in violation of the Conservancy’s lighting/décor guidelines, even if it meets the below standards:

Lights are allowed on the rooflines and/or railings of a home. Lights on roof lines should generally run parallel to the roofline. Looping is not allowed on railings, however icicles may be suspended from rooflines or railings unless deemed excessive by the Board (in which event the owner will be notified by the Board to reduce or remove the display).

Freestanding objects (i.e. snowmen, mangers, etc.) are not allowed, unless they are not visible from the roadway or neighboring properties (i.e. they are in the private area of a homesite), and are never allowed to be lit.

A maximum of 15 trees OR shrubs/bushes are allowed to be lit (no limitation on number of lights).

Lighted wreaths are allowed on the front doors or railings, and suspended lit ornaments and/or ornaments comprised solely of lights may be displayed on the home and landscaping, unless the Board deems them excessive (in which event the owner will be notified by the Board to reduce or remove the display).

Colored or white lights are permitted. The Board recommends that any owner purchasing new white lights please purchase those designated as “warm” and “soft” rather than “cool.” There is no specific quantity defined as allowable, however, a certain quantity, even within the above standards, may be deemed excessive on a case-by-case basis.

Any owner who has a question about whether planned holiday lighting is appropriate under these guidelines should (prior to installation) submit their plan to the Conservancy Board for review prior to October 1 of each year.

Holiday décor and lighting may only be displayed at Promontory from November 1 through March 1 each year. During these dates, all lighting must be turned off by 12:00 am nightly. Décor (excluding lighting) specific to another nationally recognized holiday (i.e. Independence Day) may be displayed the week before or after such holiday.


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