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About the Conservancy

Nature is truly celebrated at Promontory. This magical place is a 10-square mile sweep of untamed high country rising from 6,500 to 7,400 feet in elevation, over 60% of which is forever protected as natural open space. The land, all 7,200 acres of it, is fostered under the vigilant stewardship of the Promontory Conservancy. Serving as both the Home Owners’ Association and the environmental guardian for the community, the Conservancy ensures that the policies protecting the Club’s open spaces are upheld and that its internal trail system and neighborhood parks are properly maintained.

Contact Information

The contact information below covers a wide range of community matters. If you’re not sure who you should contact, feel free to email us directly for more information. We will routinely update this information as changes occur.

All community-related questions should be directed to These questions include matters related to the following:

  • snow plow/traffic emergencies
  • traffic policies, patrol, and parking
  • shuttle services
  • mailbox set up
  • lot sign ordering
  • general community rules and policies

For questions about Conservancy Operations, contact Darrin Nielsen, Conservancy Director of Operations, email here or (435) 333-4074.

For questions about Owner Services, contact Joe Ellis, Director of Owner Services, email here or (435) 333-4014.

For a serious snow removal concern, please email us at

All inquiries regarding Promontory’s CCR’s and Use Restrictions, Design Guidelines, specific property encumbrances, residency-related forms, and/or any written correspondence you have directly received from the Conservancy should be directed to Shawn Potter, Executive Director, email here or (435) 709-1167.

For questions or concerns regarding homesite construction and/or scheduling construction inspections, contact Dan Cobb, Conservancy Construction Inspector, at email here or (801)318-9527.

For questions related to the Design Review process, contact Christine Morr email here or (435) 333-4067.

You may reach Shawn Potter, Executive Director, email here or (435) 333-4228.

For any, landscape related matters, contact Darrin Nielsen, Director of Land Operations, email here or (801) 870-6374.
For building related maintenance issues, contact Kurt Batt, email here or (307) 870-8400.

To contact the Equestrian Gatehouse, call (435) 333-4035.To contact the Main Gatehouse, call (435) 333-4030.

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