The Week of November 3, 2023
Conservancy News & Events

Please Note:

  • The Conservancy continues to work closely with Healthy Trees for Life in effort to care for the trees throughout the property. If you have questions regarding your own trees, or need help with noxious weeds, please feel free to contact Patrick at (801) 458-0101 or visit their website HERE.
  • If you are planning an event at your home, and your guests will require more parking than your driveway can handle, please contact the Field Safety Manager, Matt Urban, at least 48 hours before the event so parking and logistics can be thoroughly coordinated.

New This Week

Promontory Conservancy Winter Snow Removal

Last week brought our first snow of the season, which means it is once again time to refresh on best practices and protocols for Promontory snow conditions. Please take a few minutes to carefully review this communication to ensure that you are “in the know” and ready to respond before we get heavy into winter.

Tubing Hill Opening Day

Friday, December 15th (snow conditions permitting)

Annual Conservancy Member Meeting

Mark your calendars! Our annual Conservancy Member Meeting will be held on
Thursday, December 21st at 10:00am.

Sleigh Rides

Friday, December 15th (snow conditions permitting)

Sleigh Rides are December 26th – 30th | 2pm-6pm at the Equestrian Center

Reservations will open Monday, December 4th

Watch for more details on how to request a reservation.

In Case You Missed It

Snowplow Prep

Winter 2023/2024 is nigh approaching! Now is the time to have your snow removal contractors mark your driveways in preparation for snow removal. Please note, however, that your markers must be at least two feet from the edge of the road to assure an adequate shoulder for the Conservancy’s snow removal contractors.

Holiday Decor & Lighting

Owners may display holiday decorations located or visible from outside their Residences if the decorations are of the kinds normally displayed in single-family residential Villages, are of reasonable size and scope, and do not disturb other Owners and residents by excessive light or sound emission or by causing an unreasonable amount of spectator traffic. Holiday decorations may be displayed in season only from November 1 to February 28 and, during other times of the year, from one week before to one week after any nationally recognized holiday.

Road Right of Way

As snow season approaches, please be mindful of rocks, landscaping, and other improvements within the road right of way. On most roads within Promontory, the right of way spans 10-12 feet from the edge of the pavement. The right of way exists to provide ample room for runoff control, snow removal, and road/utility maintenance. Making sure the shoulder is clear of objects is crucial for avoiding damage and controlling runoff. The Conservancy has begun to fix eroded shoulders in problem areas and will continue to monitor problem areas. If you have any questions or concerns about landscaping within the right of way, please contact Darrin Nielsen at (801-870-6374).

Conservancy Committees

Article 5 of The Promontory CC&R’s provide for various committees that assist in Conservancy affairs. If you are interested in participating on one of the following committees, please reach out to the Director of Legal Services, Devin Ovard, via email below. If you are already a part of a committee, the Conservancy thanks you for willingness to serve. 


  • Covenants Committee: The Covenants Committee shall be the Conservancy’s hearing tribunal and shall conduct all hearings.
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall actively assist the Board, the Treasurer, and the Conservancy managing agent in preparing the Conservancy’s budget.
  • Physical Maintenance Committee: The Physical Maintenance Committee shall preside over the maintenance of the Common Maintenance Areas.
  • Dispute Resolution Committee: The Dispute Resolution Committee shall be established to mediate disputes concerning the interpretation of the Use Restrictions, rules, and other Governing Document provisions, provided, the Dispute Resolution Committee shall not preside over matters relating to the collection of assessments or other fees and charges. Each member of the Dispute Resolution Committee shall attend a Board approved course on dispute resolution.

Conservancy Reminders

Pedestrian Safety

Our community is active, out, and about.  Be safe when walking. Please avoid walking on or along the roads. We understand that trails may be muddy or slushy, but until the snow sufficiently melts, the roadside is not safe. The risk is simply too great under the current circumstances.

Visitor & Guest Registration

Promontory uses an internet-based software system that allows you to manage your guests’ and visitors’ access to Promontory. The Promontory Club app & owner/member website e-mails your guests a gate pass for them to show the gate attendant upon arrival. As a resident, you will set the time frame when your visitors can enter the property.

Recycling & Garbage

Please use your own garbage and recycling containers for garbage and recyclable materials. If you have more than your containers can handle, please DO NOT dispose of trash or recyclable materials in any dumpsters or trash bins located in Promontory.

  • Momentum Recycling offers at home glass recycling pick-up. For more information & to sign-up click here.
  • Recyclable materials can be taken to Recycle Utah in Park City. Information can be found here.
  • Information for the Three Mile Canyon Landfill can be found here.

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