The Week of April 15th, 2024
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Dark Sky Ordinance:

Many have asked about the Dark Sky Ordinance referenced in the article below. Although the County may begin enforcement under this ordinance for the Snyderville Basin area (i.e. generally west of US-40), Eastern Summit County, which includes Promontory, will not be subject to enforcement by the County until 2026. The Promontory Design Guidelines already provide for dark skies, so the Conservancy thanks you all for your commitment to maintaining this wonderful feature of the Wasatch Mountains!

Summit County, Park City dark skies ordinances take full effect this year (

Dark Skies | Summit County, UT – Official Website

Notice: Road Shoulder Work

In preparation for our annual asphalt project, road shoulder maintenance has commenced and will progress through the community for the next 60 days. Please note that designated sections of road, starting from the three-way intersection at Ranch Club Trail and Promontory Ranch Road and extending to the equestrian gate, will be reduced to a single lane until May 24th. Our asphalt project is expected to begin within the next 5-10 business days and will be completed by June 20th. Furthermore, please be advised that Conservancy crews will be repairing designated areas across the property, which will also result in single-lane traffic in those areas. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Thank You.

Winter Updates

  • The Luke Ridge Tubing Hill has closed for the season. Thank you for another great year!
  • Both Park City Mountain Resort & Deer Valley Resort have extended their ski season closing date through Sunday, April 21st. The PC Lodge & Deer Valley Alpine Lodge will remain open and shuttles will run through the 21st. 

Landscaping Reminders

  • If you plan to do anything more than replacing existing trees and shrubs, you will need to submit a landscape plan via email for approval. Keep in mind that no landscaping is allowed outside the established Limits of Disturbance/Building Envelope area on the Lot. Please contact Christine Morr, Design Review Architect, via email, if you need that information. 
  • Before starting any landscaping project please contact Justus Cobb, compliance inspector, via email.
  • The landscape requirements are found in Section 3 of the Design Guidelines. The Approved Plant List is in section 3.17. You can download and read the Design Guidelines here
  • A list of the approved plants along with color photographs is found in the Promontory Master Landscape Plan here.
  • The Promontory Conservancy Board recently adopted a rule that any new landscapes or modified landscape plans must include a waterwise smart clock, master control valve, and flowmeter. Also, all landscape plans must comply with the Promontory Wildland Fire Program (read here) and follow firewise guidelines found therein.

Reminders -

  • As the snow starts to melt, windblown construction debris that has been buried will start to appear across the property. Our Conservancy crews will be out doing regular trash pickups. However, ALL LOT OWNERS AND CONTRACTORS are responsible for maintaining clean job sites, covering their dumpsters, and keeping vehicles parked within their lot boundaries or approved parking areas only. Please make an extra effort to review job sites for cleanliness as we head into spring.

Gate Vetting

To expedite vehicle processing at our gatehouses, please be sure to add guest passes into Northstar before they plan on entering Promontory. For groups of 10 or more, you may email a guest list to the gatehouse email ( at least 48 hours in advance, if possible.

The gate staff recognizes that circumstances change, but completing this step before your guests arrive will greatly reduce delay at the gates. In the event a guest or owner must be checked in, and vehicles back up, PLEASE be kind and understanding of the situation. Gate attendees are continually striving to sufficiently vet entrants, but this may lead to slight delays.

2024 Ski Shuttle Service
End Date: April 21st

The Shed to Park City Mountain Lodge Departure Times:
7:45am  9:30am  10:45am  12:15pm
Park City Mountain Lodge to The Shed Departure Times:
11:30am  1:00pm  2:30pm  4:00pm
The Shed to Deer Valley Lodge Departure Times:
7:45am  9:30am  10:45am
Deer Valley Lodge to The Shed Departure Times:
11:30pm  1:00pm  2:30pm  4:00pm
• Changes or cancellations can be made up to 1 hour prior to departure.
•A $25/person no-show fee applies.
•Deer Valley shuttles begin December 2nd
•Additional shuttle times to be added beginning December 21st
•Questions? Call Concierge at 435-333-4000

Safety Reminder

Remember to keep a safe distance from any body of water, which includes but is not limited to, the Mountain Garden Pond, Saddle Lake, golf course ponds, and retention ponds. Do not go out on the ice. Please inform all family members and guests, (and keep an eye on your pets) to stay away from the ice while enjoying the beautiful winter landscape.

Road Right of Way

As snow season approaches, please be mindful of rocks, landscaping, and other improvements within the road right of way. On most roads within Promontory, the right of way spans 10-12 feet from the edge of the pavement. The right of way exists to provide ample room for runoff control, snow removal, and road/utility maintenance. Making sure the shoulder is clear of objects is crucial for avoiding damage and controlling runoff. The Conservancy has begun to fix eroded shoulders in problem areas and will continue to monitor problem areas. If you have any questions or concerns about landscaping within the right of way, please contact Darrin Nielsen at (801-870-6374).

Conservancy Reminders

On Leash Dog Rules

All dogs must be on leash on Promontory roads, trails, and community property AT ALL TIMES except for the off-leash trail and Dog Park. Even if you believe your dog is “friendly,” our ON-LEASH community rules apply to everyone. Please be considerate of your neighbors and their pets.

Pedestrian Safety

Our community is active, out, and about.  Be safe when walking. Please avoid walking on or along the roads. We understand that trails may be muddy or slushy, but until the snow sufficiently melts, the roadside is not safe. The risk is simply too great under the current circumstances.

Visitor & Guest Registration

Promontory uses an internet-based software system that allows you to manage your guests’ and visitors’ access to Promontory. The Promontory Club app & owner/member website e-mails your guests a gate pass for them to show the gate attendant upon arrival. As a resident, you will set the time frame when your visitors can enter the property.

Recycling & Garbage

Please use your own garbage and recycling containers for garbage and recyclable materials. If you have more than your containers can handle, please DO NOT dispose of trash or recyclable materials in any dumpsters or trash bins located in Promontory.

  • Momentum Recycling offers at home glass recycling pick-up. For more information & to sign-up click here.
  • Recyclable materials can be taken to Recycle Utah in Park City. Information can be found here.
  • Information for the Three Mile Canyon Landfill can be found here.
Please Note:
  • If you are planning an event at your home, and your guests will require more parking than your driveway can handle, please contact the Field Safety Manager, Matt Urban, at least 72 hours before the event so parking and logistics can be thoroughly coordinated.
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