Promontory Is Beyond Promises

Our private mountain club began in 2001, when the vision of Promontory was brought to life by an uncompromising developer with extensive experience in building communities and providing high-end hospitality. Pivotal Group founder/CEO and developer of Promontory, F. Francis Najafi, found inspiration in the massive 7,200 acre landscape to create a timeless mountain club for people of all ages.

Promontory is the place where families come together, from around the country and around the world, in a legacy that continues from one generation to the next. It offers a lifestyle grounded in rejuvenating outdoor recreation, a true respect for nature and a genuine stewardship of the land. Promontory is also the promise we make to ourselves—to rediscover who we are and to make a lasting connection with our families. It provides unique and adventurous experiences and world-class amenities that take us away from the distractions of the world and into the moment.

We selected Utah for its spectacular scenery, weather, and accessibility. We selected Park City for its one-of-a-kind skiing, cultural attractions, and small-town living. And we selected our wide-ranging, eleven-square-mile parcel of land for its vistas, its topography, its wildlife, and its ability to bring us closer to the earth while keeping the rest of the planet at a convenient distance.

This is the promise of Promontory. A promise you’ll see reflected in every corner of the Promontory Conservancy, in the programming of the Promontory Club, and in every detail of the Promontory Master Plan. It’s a place where generations come together, both to enjoy nature and celebrate life.

Pete Dye Clubhouse
Promontory Skiing Park City

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