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Who Are These Guys?

Who Are These Guys


When we last talked, I had just arrived at the HUB at Promontory Ranch Club after the easiest drive to a world-class mountain resort in the United States I had ever experienced! I was about to meet for a second time with the masterminds behind this one-of-a-kind community, and I was super-excited to continue our conversation. On my way here, I read that Promontory’s Nicklaus Clubhouse was just awarded a BEST New Clubhouse 2016 by Golf, Inc. magazine, so Promontory’s offerings continue to excite those ‘in the know’! I sat down in one of the ultra-swank contemporary chairs that gave me a huge window to the Wasatch Range! I felt like I was at an IMAX theater looking at the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen! Wow! Who could imagine such a place?

One of my favorite movies in the 70’s was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – and being up here in Utah very close to Robert Redford’s Sundance – made me think of a famous line in the movie when they couldn’t shake the BEST trackers in the west – Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy kept saying “Who ARE those guys?” It was said with utmost respect – and that’s what I have for Francis Najafi and Rich Sonntag who have imagined and delivered on Promontory since its beginning in 2000.

At our first meeting, Francis Najafi told me he had always envisioned a place like Promontory for busy, successful people who cherish family time with growing, evolving families. The problem was you had to pick between single offering second home communities: Golf? Ski? Spa/Wellness? Equestrian? Water? Culture? His vision was “Why can’t I offer all of the above and make sure EVERY member of my family (multi-generations) loves to gather and spend time as a family?!” The magic answer to that question was Park City, Utah, and Pivotal Group’s purchase of the 7,200 acres that make up Promontory Ranch Club. Francis Najafi is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pivotal Group, a thirty year old investment firm with experience in private equity and real estate investments — and take it from me, this guy knows what he is doing!

Who Are These Guys
Who Are These Guys

Rich Sonntag was highly recruited by Mr. Najafi based on his excellent skills and reputation as General Manager of Desert Mountain, a luxury second-home Jack Nicklaus golf community in Scottsdale, Arizona in the 90’s. Rich has continued to build his career and accomplishments in the 16 years he has lead all efforts to create the Promontory Ranch Club community that its members enjoy today. Rich is a great historian about all things Promontory, because he was there!

What a team they are, and what a team they have assembled – I am humbled to join such a prestigious group of professionals as the new VP of Sales. If you are in the market for a second home that will appeal to EVERY member of your family, and you love the mountains, I hope you will check us out at I also hope you will check out my BLOG every couple of weeks as I tour you around this amazing community and introduce you personally to some of the amenities, homes, and people who make this a friendly, welcoming place. Stay tuned!

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