Last week brought our first snow of the season, which means it is once again time to refresh on best practices and protocols for Promontory snow conditions. Please take a few minutes to carefully review this communication to ensure that you are “in the know” and ready to respond before we get heavy into winter. The Promontory Conservancy and its snow removal contractors make it a priority to be responsive during and immediately after a storm. The Conservancy has contracted with three separate snow removal companies for various roads and neighborhoods within our community, and utilizes its own internal team as well to help keep Promontory’s roads clear. Response time to individual streets and neighborhoods will depend on several factors, including timing and duration of the storm. The best way to contact the Conservancy related to snow removal issues is by email at This email is monitored consistently throughout the day during and after snow events.

Crews will make every effort to keep Promontory Ranch Road, Ranch Club Trail, Painted Valley Pass, and Golf Club Link (“Main Roads”) clear of snow and ice. These heavily traveled roads will receive top priority. The next priority are all remaining roadways (“Residential Roads”). During evening and early morning storms, crews should have time to prepare for commuting hours. Plows will continue to clean, treat, and widen roadways until reasonably safe conditions are met.

The duration of a storm plays an important role in snow plowing operations. Storms of extended duration require all available resources to keep roads open over the extended period of time. For example, a snow storm of four inches over a 24-hour period will require more time and man hours than a storm of six inches over an 8-hour period. Please keep in mind that plows are still hard at work well after the snow has stopped falling. Snow removal crews are prepared to work 24 hours a day from November 1 to March 30. In order to ensure the safest travel conditions possible, snow removal routes are prioritized by the amount of traffic received. During heavy snowstorms, it is unlikely that Residential Roads will be reached immediately because Main Roads must be repeatedly plowed.



Crews will remove snow as soon as possible with the following priorities in mind:

  • Clear Main arterial roads with the most traffic first, followed by the roads with less traffic.
  • Remove snow from Residential Roads once priority Main Roads are clear and safe.

Parking Areas
Amenity Parking lots are plowed at the same priority as Residential Roads. If there is snow, the parking lots and walkways are plowed in the morning prior to operating hours. If snow continues, crews will return to remove accumulated snow.

Cabin – Villa Neighborhoods
Crews will remove snow from the driveways and to the front door in the following neighborhoods that are subject to supplemental HOA dues for the additional snow removal and landscaping services provided: Trappers Cabins, Ranch Club Cabins, Golf Club Cabins, Dye Course Cabins, Nicklaus Villas and Nicklaus Residences, Double Deer Cottages, and Clubhouse Villas. Owners in Cabin or Villa Neighborhoods may request priority driveway clearing for a certain time as early as 7:00 AM. Priority requests are not guaranteed depending on snow conditions.



  • Slow Down! Even a small amount of snow or ice can be slick.
  • Stay Back at least 50 feet from plow trucks (many trucks spray salt or deicing materials from the back of the truck).

Residential Snow Removal
Property owners (unless in the cabin or villa neighborhoods identified above) are responsible for removing snow in the following areas:

  • from their own driveways and walkways.
  • from driveway openings.

PLEASE NOTE: trucks plowing the Residential Roadways will leave a berm of snow along driveways and that is the responsibility of the homeowner to clear. To minimize the size of the berm, clear your driveway snow to the area on the left of your driveway opening to give plows a place to drop snow. DO NOT place snow from your property on or near the road. See the diagrams below for an easy visual.

Please remember that shoveling, plowing, or blowing snow into the Residential Road and road right of way is a trespass. Promontory’s road right-of-ways are common areas. Placement of snow in the road right-of-way slows overall snow removal and can damage snow removal equipment. Promontory’s road right-of-way for snow storage extends approximately 12 feet from the edge of asphalt. Landscaping and personal property within the road right-of-way is installed at the property owner’s risk and will very likely be damaged by snow removal operations. Please ensure that all obstructions are removed during and immediately following a storm (e.g. vehicles and trash containers).

Please let us know if you have any questions we can help address. For questions about Snow Removal please email

Promontory Park City UT

8758 N Promontory Ranch Rd
Park City, UT 84098





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