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Do Trees Need Protection?

One of the most common Promontory Design Guidelines violations (section 3.7) is the placement of a “tree fence” around large groups of trees to protect them from the critters. We have heard from some of you about your concerns for the wellbeing of your newly planted trees as they face life with other forms of Promontory wildlife – and we listened.  We sat down with our arborist, tree expert Ron Curtis, and his staff and asked for their best recommendations – and we listened to them too.

We all agree that design, craftsmanship, and materials of the fence should match our high-quality community.  Promontory is all about quality and beauty for all.

If you have trees that have been in place for over a year and have fenced them in, it is time to for the fence to be removed.  If you have new trees that you have fenced or would like to fence,  please contact Christine Morr, Design Review Architect.

Contact Christine Morr at 435.333.4067 or clink the below.

HOA Board Member Elections

There are two Class A Member seats available on the Conservancy’s Board of Directors, with service starting January 2019. The successful candidates will serve a two-year term that expires in December 2020.

All Promontory owners are eligible for these positions, and a candidate need not reside at Promontory full-time or hold a Club membership to qualify. If interested in serving on the Board, please submit a declaration of candidacy to the Conservancy, no later than September 30, 2018.

This declaration might include a résumé and statement describing one’s interest in participating, and will be made public for all Promontory owners to review. Voting will take place throughout the fall and the results will be announced either at or immediately following the Conservancy Board’s Annual Meeting in December.

Trail Riding - Told By Shawn Potter

I rode a leisurely loop starting and ending at the Ranch Club Compound.  Summer may be dwindling away but we definitely have plenty of time to make full use of the trails.  It was a leisurely ride but it was not without its technical trials and cardiac hill climbs.  The portion of the trail immediately leaving the Ranch Clubhouse and climbing up the retaining wall has a fun little switchback and short, but steep, climb.

I’m not above getting off my bike when my skills or conditioning require it! Riding a loop you know that what goes up must come down and the descent in that area was exciting!  According to my app, I started the ride at an elevation of 6890, went up, down, up again, peaked at 7150 (near the Outfitter’s Cabin), and then continued down, up, down until I worked my way back about an hour and a half (and just over eight miles) after I started.

Be sure to get out every week to see the colors start to change!

Tips From Mounteer Enterprises - Water Smarter, Water Less

Your lawn and gardens need water to stay healthy, but you might be watering more than you need to.

This means when you turn on your sprinklers every week you should ensure that your garden is getting an inch of water. The key to watering once a week is to water deep. This means watering slowly, so it has a chance to sink in to the ground instead of running off.

Deep watering also encourages root growth and makes the plants more resilient to the temperatures. It is best to water your plants in the early morning. There is less sun and wind to evaporate the moisture before the plants are watered. Watering in the morning also gives the plants the fuel they need for the day.

Modified Design Guidelines

Conservancy staff have been busy working to meet the mandate from the Conservancy Board of Directors to bring all the homes in Promontory that have strayed from the landscape Design Guidelines back into compliance. As a result, we are hearing back from some of you that you would like to see some tweaks to the Design Guidelines relating to landscaping.

The issues you have expressed an interest in seeing modified are:

  • Allowable Grasses – what kind, where, and when – this includes issues about what constitutes the allowable private area and adequate screening; and native grasses and fire prevention
  • Landscape/Exterior Lighting, – what is necessary for safety, limits on wattage or brightness, and how much is too much.

We will be sending out a brief survey to all of you and look forward to getting your feed-back. Please watch for the survey and provide us with your feedback.

You can read the approved guidelines below:
Design GuidelinesConstruction Regulations, & Review Procedures.

Tree Advisory Committee For The Promontory Conservancy

 The conservancy is creating a owner/staff committee that will help to give direction for future planting of trees within the community.  If you are interested in serving, please send us your name and why you would like to be on this committee by October 1st, 2018.

Emergency Notifications

In the days following the fire just North of I-80, Conservancy staff have received a number of requests about notifications in the case of an emergency.

Some years ago Summit County created a system to provide phone, email, and text messages regarding emergencies. The system was upgraded such that anyone who previously signed up will need to sign up again.

The alert center also provides information about non-emergency matters in and about Summit County.

Fire Percautions

Throughout the dry summer months, please continuously maintain fuel  breaks at your property by removing dead or overly dry landscaping.  As native grass becomes dry late in the season, feel free to cut  and remove the debris.

If you have questions about fire prevention, the Park City Fire District offers free on-site consultations to review landscaping at your home. Contact Them at 435.940.2500

For further information on fire prevention and how you can help, please click the link below.

Tollgate Bridge Construction

August 1st to Mid – October

What To Expect:

  • 70 – Day Full Bridge Closure
  • The Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail Will Be Closed At The Tollgate Bridge
  • Daytime Work With Lane Closures
  • Noise, Dust & Vibration

Detour Routes:

Silver Creek Junction Detour (Exit 146)

  • Drivers traveling eastbound from Tollgate Canyon to Wyoming
  • Drivers traveling westbound from Wyoming to Promontory

Wanship Interchange Detour (Exit 155)

  • Drivers traveling eastbound from Park City to Tollgate Canyon
  • Drivers traveling westbound from Promontory to Park City

Lighting Guidelines

The Conservancy offers a reminder that exterior lighting at individual homesites is permitted only under limited circumstances.  Exterior lighting can have a disorienting effect on migratory birds.

All exterior lighting must conform with the following Design Guideline provisions, as directed by Summit County:

  • (i) such light must be of a low-level, subdued intensity;
  • (ii) the bulb must be fully shielded with frosted glass so as not to be visible;
  • (iii) lighting must be directed downward; and
  • (iv) all lighting must be pre-approved by the Architectural Review Committee.  Please see Section 3.13 of the Design Guidelines.

The Conservancy’s Board of Directors has instructed staff to monitor the community for lighting.  Some Conservancy members will be notified of violations.  Accordingly, please be aware of how your exterior lights are presently displayed and adjust as necessary.

Any questions regarding the design and display of these lights may be directed to Christine Morr (435-333-4067).

Wildlife Awareness

Promontory has a very diverse population of wildlife that we all need to be aware of to ensure both our safety and their safety.  For example, driving safely on Promontory roads will help us all to avoid collisions with our wildlife.

Awareness of our surroundings also gives us greater safety awareness for ourselves, our families and our pets. We have a very large population of deer and the elk  are also returning. With the deer and elk here, there is also the potential mountain lions (cougars) to be on property.

We report sightings to the State and they help us in monitoring these large predators. If you should see a mountain lion we
want you to let us know the time and place for the sighting.

For more information on cougars and how to safely enjoy our beautiful area, please click the link below.

Wildlife & Rodenticides

Rodenticides, the poisons sometimes used to kill rodents, can have an impact far beyond the location where they were initially used. For example, birds of prey, such as owls and hawks, may be harmed or killed by consuming poisoned rodents, even at non-lethal doses. Additionally, hawks and owls may feed poisoned rodents to their young. (Because the rodents don’t die immediately upon ingesting the poison, they may leave that site, such as a home or shed, and instead end up in places outdoors where they are available to wildlife.)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has found these second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides to cause “unreasonable adverse effects on the environment”. Products containing brodifacoum, bromadiolone, difethialione, and difenacoum are capable of bioaccumulating in ecosystems, posing a risk to non-target wildlife. Though products containing these active ingredients are no longer registered for “consumer” use, they are still widely available as stores sell out their existing stock, and they are still used by commercial pest controllers. For these reasons, snap traps are a preferable means of controlling rodent infestations without negatively impacting non-target wildlife.
gated community park city utah

What Is Dwelling Live?

Dwelling Live is the gate management software that we us to manage all guest that come to Promontory. Our goal is have every property owner in Promontory to be a registered user before the end of this year!

If you’re not already a user of Dwelling Live, let Joe Ellis help you! Send him an email requesting to be registered into Dwelling Live. You’ll want to include your property address, full names & emails for those you wish to register. Joe will register you and send you an email with instructions and a temporary password.

 If you download the app to your phone, you’ll have access to register a guest at any time!

Becoming a user will guarantee an easy exchange at the gate houses, the guest will identify themselves, a pass will given to them and you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your guest has arrived.

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