The Week of July 22, 2022
Conservancy News & Events

  • Please dispose of all of your own garbage in your own garbage can. Using construction site dumpsters increases your neighbors’ construction costs because additional dump fees are incurred.
  • The Conservancy has started planning a Nordic ski track in the area of the Nicklaus Golf Course. We plan for it to be available as soon as weather permits this coming winter.
  • Construction has begun near The Beach Club. As a result, the path leading to Bark City will be temporarily closed. Bark City will remain accessible from the parking lot on Promontory Ranch Rd. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
  • Please make sure that all landscapers and contractors provide their own restroom facilities and dumpsters while working at your homesite. Crews are not allowed to use facilities of another crew. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • If you plan on having guests or visitors, please enter a Gate Pass Request on the Member website or app for ALL guests ahead of their arrival. This will help expedite their entry during the summer season.

New This Week

Conservancy Board Meeting

August 24, 2022 at 10:00 am
Via Zoom – please keep an eye out for the Zoom Link

Waterwise Community Efforts

If you have not done so already, please take a few minutes to read about the Conservancy’s efforts in making Promontory a water-wise community and what action is required on your part. Please note that our Design Guidelines have been updated to reflect new requirements for water-wise landscaping as well. There is a lot that you can do to slow the flow, especially as the local water districts are enacting cutbacks this year.

Noxious Weeds

Each owner must maintain a course of treatment to control weeds throughout the spring and summer. The Conservancy is particularly concerned with those noxious plants, like thistle (prickly stem and purple flower) and dyer’s woad (yellow flower), and offers this reminder that each homeowner is responsible for treating their respective lots to prevent the spread throughout the community. Such spread limits the resources and nutrients required by desired plants and trees.

To so see further weed control guidance please follow the link below.

In Case You Missed It

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you all for helping make our Independence Day picnic and fireworks show one of the best yet! The Promontory Conservancy plans and executes this event every year and our staff strive to make it memorable for everyone. The last couple of years has brought a lot of new homeowners and I wanted to take this opportunity to go over the role of the Conservancy.

The Promontory Conservancy, Inc. (we just call it the Conservancy) is entirely separate from The Promontory Club. The Conservancy is Promontory’s Homeowners Association. The Conservancy manages the open spaces and common areas, including the trees, landscaping and manages noxious weeds in these areas. The Conservancy also maintains the community’s parks and trails and private roads, including snow removal and road shoulders. We also operate the gate houses and shuttle vans. The Conservancy is also charged with administering Promontory’s architectural and landscape design guidelines and the design review process. Every other week the Conservancy emails out “The View” which is the Conservancy’s newsletter.

The Conservancy is also responsible for maintaining members’ compliance with the established covenants and bylaws of the Association. There are specific provisions regarding what can and cannot be done on Promontory homesites. This information is found in the Governing Documents, including the Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (“CC&Rs”), and Design Guidelines. The Architectural Review Committee help to maintain the quality of our neighborhood. Its function is to evaluate the plans for all exterior landscaping, repairs and remodeling (such as painting, decks, fences, trees and bushes, replacement roofs, etc.) to ensure compliance with all Governing Documents. The purpose of this review is to protect our scenic environment and maintain the value of our community. All modifications to the exterior of any property, including repainting and landscaping, must be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval before any work begins. The Conservancy is also responsible for enforcement of these rules. In the nicest way possible, with plenty of friendly reminders, our compliance officer checks on all homes several times a year to help keep Promontory looking its best.

The operation of the Conservancy is governed by a board of directors. Promontory is still within the period of developer control such that the developer appoints three members of the board and two members are elected by the community for two year terms. The day to day operations are handled by a small management staff and approximately 60 employees. The Conservancy provides road snow removal services in the winter using contracted providers, and every summer the Conservancy contracts out for road patching and slurry seal maintenance work.

Most of the Conservancy’s work is quietly behind the scenes but we strive to keep our community safe and beautiful. As part of HOA dues, all Promontory property owners have use of the Mountain Garden pond and park, the Bocce ball park, Bark City dog park, 30+ miles of trails, the Saddle Lake adjacent to the Beach Club, and the Luke Ridge Tubing Hill in the winter. I hope you’ll find Promontory is a great place to be and I encourage your participation in our Community.

Shawn W. Potter, Esq.
Executive Director
Promontory Conservancy

Building Envelopes

All homes in Promontory have an established Building Envelope. The purpose of a Building Envelope is to ensure, as much as possible, that the natural landscape remains untouched. This is the only area within a lot where modifications can be made, including landscaping changes. One of the first items the Architectural Review Committee considers with each submittal is whether the landscaping and all structures fit entirely within the Building Envelope for the lot.

Landscape Plans Reminder

Remember that ALL landscaping must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Review Committee. No landscaping is allowed outside of the Building Envelope. The best water wise landscaping utilizes the native plants on the Promontory Approved Plant list. Landscaping Design Guidelines can be found in Section 5 of the Design Guidelines.

Please contact Christine Morr if you have any questions.

Also, be sure to check the Supplemental Design Guidelines specific to your neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have very strict limitations.

Promontory Trails & Pet Policies

Hit the trails, Promontory has 30+ miles of trials!

As a reminder, the trail system does not include the Golf Courses cart paths. Club rules state: Jogging, bicycling, fishing or recreational walking, including walking of pets is not permitted on the golf course at any time.

To avoid construction areas and work zones, some trails will be detoured or temporarily relocated. Please see the map below for current detours. Detour signs will also be placed on the affected trails.

Please consider other Promontory owners when taking your dogs out:

  • Even if your dogs are “friendly” they must remain on leash and under your control.
  • Dogs should be on a leash at all times, unless at Bark City, Promontory’s dog park or the off-leash trail leading up to the Dog Park. Please see Bark City’s rules here.
  • Please clean up your animals’ waste. Bags are provided at Bark City and at various locations on the trails.
  • Please properly dispose of the waste bags in the garbage cans provided or otherwise. DO NOT leave these bags on the trails or elsewhere.

Conservancy Reminders

Guest Gate Access & Visitor Policy

In response to the state of pandemic and to better monitor access to the community, the Conservancy’s Board of Directors has approved a change to public access through the gates. The gates will “close” at 7:00 pm. At that time, members of the public (i.e., not visiting a specific owner, not an approved vendor, just wanting to drive through) wishing to enter the community would be turned away. When gates are “open” (6:00 am-7:00 pm), members of the public wanting to drive through will be entered into a log with name and vehicle information and issued a pass to travel through to the other gate only.

During all hours, legitimate guests will be allowed access if a pass has been created by an owner-host or if the host can be contacted by telephone when the guest is at the gate. If the host cannot be contacted, the guest would be turned away. Gate staff will continue to follow protocol for real estate visitors to ensure limited disruption of showings.

As such, it is extremely important for Promontory owners to do two things:

  • Please enter a Gate Pass Request on the Member website or app for ALL guests ahead of their arrival.
  • Please provide a good phone number so you can be contacted if a pass has not been entered. Guests will be turned away if you cannot be contacted.

To add or update a phone number, please submit it to:

Equestrian Gate: (435) 333-4035 | Main Gate: (435) 333-4030

Trash Pick up

On trash pickup day, please keep all trash inside your dumpster, with the lid closed. Please DO NOT leave cardboard boxes, furniture, or anything else that won’t fit in the dumpster on the ground – the truck drivers will not stop to collect anything outside the dumpster. If your weekly trash is more than will fit in your dumpster, please contact Republic Services (435-615-8311) for another dumpster.

Please use your own garbage and recycling containers for garbage and recyclable materials. If you have more than your containers can handle, please DO NOT dispose of trash or recyclable materials in any dumpsters or trash bins located in Promontory. This includes but is not limited to dumpsters or bins near club facilities and construction sites.

  • Momentum Recycling offers at home glass recycling pick-up for $12/month! For more information & to sign-up click here.
    Recyclable materials can be taken to Recycle Utah in Park City.found Information can be found here.
  • For excess household garbage, Summit County has a landfill located east of Promontory. Information for the Three Mile Canyon Landfill can be found here.

Emergency Notifications

Some years ago Summit County created a system to provide phone, email, and text messages regarding emergencies. The system was upgraded such that anyone who previously signed up will need to sign up again.

The alert center also provides information about non-emergency matters in and about Summit County.

Contact The Conservancy

Promontory Conservancy
General inquiries

Snow Removal

Christine Morr
Design Review Architect

Daniel Cobb
Conservancy Inspector

Darrin Neilsen
Conservancy Director Of Operations

Joe Ellis
Director of Owner Services

Shawn Potter
Executive Director

Promontory Park City UT

8758 N Promontory Ranch Rd
Park City, UT 84098





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