The Week of July 21, 2023
Conservancy News & Events

  • Absolutely no fireworks at Promontory. This is a long-standing rule in our community and is even more in focus this year with restrictions from local authorities. Please do not light off anything, including sparklers and Pop Its. As always, violation of this rule subjects the homeowner involved to a fine. Summit County has increased fire danger from low to moderate.
  • BOARD MEETING DATE: Third Quarter board meeting will be on Wednesday, September 6th. Join the meeting below via Zoom below.
  • Firebreak: The Conservancy will be re-establishing a firebreak along the I-80 corridor area near the North Gate and Buffalo Jump neighborhoods over the next couple of weeks (view map here). Any questions, please contact Joe Ellis via email below.

New This Week

Noxious Weeds

Each owner must maintain a course of treatment to control noxious weeds throughout the spring and summer. The Conservancy is particularly concerned with thistle (prickly stem and purple flower) and dyer’s woad (yellow flower), and offers this reminder that each homeowner is responsible for treating their respective lots to prevent the spread throughout the community. Such spread limits the resources and nutrients required by desired plants and trees. The Conservancy and golf maintenance crews maintain the common areas and golf courses respectively.

In Case You Missed It

Fire Preparedness

The Promontory Design Guidelines incorporate “FireWise” standards, including the use of non-combustible exterior materials, proper vent screening, and defensible space in landscaping.

We hope to never see a catastrophic fire that engulfs the whole community, but there are likely not enough big fuel sources, and our trails and golf courses serve as excellent fuel breaks. Individual home may be susceptible to individual homesite damage from drifting embers, so it is important to clear out all dead vegetation, especially from rain gutters and five feet from the exterior perimeter of the home, and cover vents and other openings with a 1/16-1/8” screen.

Please consider these other simple tips to be prepared:

  • Prune tree limbs so the lowest branches are several feet above the ground.
  • Fire embers are hot and travel easily in the breeze, so cover any exterior attic, soffit, or under-eave vents with metal wire mesh to prevent sparks from entering the home.
  • Clear out dead, dry vegetation under all decks and patios and any that directly abuts the home.
  • Consult with PCFD, who make themselves available, free of charge, for homesite evaluations. The Fire Inspection office can be reached at 435-940-2500.
  • Ensure your home is marked with a visible, easy-to-read, non-combustible address identifier, in the event emergency response is needed at your home.
  • Review the many informational resources are available to us from PCFD, and Firewise.

Conservancy Committees

Article 5 of The Promontory CC&R’s provide for various committees that assist in Conservancy affairs. If you are interested in participating on one of the following committees, please reach out to the Director of Legal Services, Devin Ovard, via email below. If you are already a part of a committee, the Conservancy thanks you for willingness to serve.

  • Covenants Committee: The Covenants Committee shall be the Conservancy’s hearing tribunal and shall conduct all hearings.
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall actively assist the Board, the Treasurer, and the Conservancy managing agent in preparing the Conservancy’s budget.
    Physical Maintenance Committee: The Physical Maintenance Committee shall preside over the maintenance of the Common Maintenance Areas.
  • Dispute Resolution Committee: The Dispute Resolution Committee shall be established to mediate disputes concerning the interpretation of the Use Restrictions, rules, and other Governing Document provisions, provided, the Dispute Resolution Committee shall not preside over matters relating to the collection of assessments or other fees and charges. Each member of the Dispute Resolution Committee shall attend a Board approved course on dispute resolution.

Wildlife Awareness

Elk, Mule Deer, Coyotes, Foxes, Snowshoe Hares, and even a BEAR! Early summer is a perfect time to enjoy the rich ecosystem native to the mountain west. By living within that ecosystem, we need to be aware of the natural ways. For most all species, now is the time for babies. All of Promontory serves as “fawning (Mule Deer)” and “calving (Elk)” ground, but North Gate, Summit, Deer Crossing, Aspen Camp, and Wapiti Canyon are especially prone to foster such activity. There have been reports of fawns in owner’s yards, so the Conservancy, in response to a proactive owner, wanted to include some information as to what to do if you encounter a newly born fawn or calf. Please follow the link below to learn about how we can help nature run its course.

Celebrate The 4th of July at Promontory

Tuesday, July 4th at 6:30 pm
Nicklaus Driving Range
Fireworks will begin at dark

Please note that BBQ tickets have sold out. If you are bringing your own pre-made/ready to eat food, please note that NO GRILLS ARE ALLOWED.

Please join Promontory and The Conservancy for a wonderful celebration of family, friends and freedoms this Independence Day. The July 4th festivities will begin at 6:30 pm on the Nicklaus Painted Valley Driving Range. Promontory members, owners and their in-house guests are invited to join with us for this family picnic and fireworks show.

Keep an eye out for event details that will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Promontory Pet Polices

Please consider other Promontory owners when taking your dogs out:

  • Even if your dogs are “friendly” they must remain on leash and under your control in accordance with our community rules. many of your fellow Promontory members do not wish to be approached or confronted by your dog. Violators are subject to fine.
  • Dogs should be on a leash at all times, unless at Bark City, Promontory’s dog park or the off-leash trail leading up to the Dog Park.
  • Dogs are NOT ALLOWED on Promontory’s Golf Courses.
  • Please clean up your animals’ waste. Bags are provided at Bark City and at various locations on the trails.
  • Please properly dispose of the waste bags in the garbage cans provided or otherwise. DO NOT leave these bags on the trails or elsewhere.

Landscaping Reminders

  • Keep in mind that no landscaping is allowed outside the established Limits of Disturbance/Building Envelope area on the Lot. Please contact Christine Morr, Design Review Architect, VIA EMAIL, if you need that information. If you plan to do anything more than replacing existing trees and shrubs, you will need to submit a landscape plan for approval.
  • Before starting any landscaping project please contact Justus Cobb, compliance inspector. VIA EMAIL HERE.
  • The landscape requirements are found in Section 3 of the Design Guidelines. The Approved Plant List is in section 3.17. You can download and read the Design Guidelines HERE.
    A list of the approved plants along with color photographs is found in the Promontory Master Landscape Plan HERE.
  • The Promontory Conservancy Board recently adopted a rule that any new landscapes or modified landscape plans must include a water wise smart clock, master control valve, and flowmeter. Also, all landscape plans must comply with the Promontory Wildland Fire Program (READ HERE) and follow firewise guidelines found therein.

Homesite Inspections

Thinking of Selling Your Home? If so, please know that the Conservancy will conduct an inspection of your homesite to verify home compliance with the Design Guidelines and CC&R’s. We try to make it quick and easy for seller and buyer to comply with the HOA requirements. Section 7.4 of the CC&Rs authorize exterior inspections of homes in the ordinary course for compliance with the governing documents. The CC&Rs (Section 10.8, 11.6) provide an easement over lots for the Conservancy to inspect and ensure compliance with the governing documents. Resale inspections were instituted by the Conservancy Board a few years ago to ensure ongoing community integrity and to avoid ongoing disputes. If you have any questions about these inspections, or would like to request one, please reach out to Devin Ovard, the Director of Legal Services, via email below.

Conservancy Reminders

How to Get a Gate Opener Device

Homeowners will purchase gate opener devices using the link below. After you provide your vehicle information you will be notified by the Conservancy/Gate Staff to pick up the sensor from the Main Gatehouse off of I-80. The Concierge desk will no longer issue gate sensors.

Trash Pick up

On trash pickup day, please keep all trash inside your dumpster, with the lid closed. Please DO NOT leave cardboard boxes, furniture, or anything else that won’t fit in the dumpster on the ground – the truck drivers will not stop to collect anything outside the dumpster. If your weekly trash is more than will fit in your dumpster, please contact Republic Services (435-615-8311) for another dumpster.

Please use your own garbage and recycling containers for garbage and recyclable materials. If you have more than your containers can handle, please DO NOT dispose of trash or recyclable materials in any dumpsters or trash bins located in Promontory. This includes but is not limited to dumpsters or bins near club facilities and construction sites.

  • Momentum Recycling offers at home glass recycling pick-up for $12/month! For more information & to sign-up click here.
    Recyclable materials can be taken to Recycle Utah in Park City.found Information can be found here.
  • For excess household garbage, Summit County has a landfill located east of Promontory. Information for the Three Mile Canyon Landfill can be found here.

Contact The Conservancy

Promontory Conservancy
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Daniel Cobb
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Darrin Neilsen
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