The Week of May 26, 2023
Conservancy News & Events

  • Annual road repair and slurry work has begun and should be completed by the end of June. Drivers should slow down, watch for flaggers and workers, and be safe. Neighborhood-specific alerts will be sent when slurry work begins in the particular neighborhood.
  • The outdoor Pickleball courts at the Mountain Garden Pond are now open.
  • Now that the snow has melted, various landscaping improvements appear in need of attention. Conservancy crews will inspect cabin/villa areas, and common area, to assess what needs improvement. The heavy winter has caused more erosion and related issues than normal, so please know that although everything will not be fixed immediately, it is on the radar and will be addressed in a timely manner. If an issue persists into summer, please do not hesitate to use the email to inform our land management crew.

Conservancy Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 21st at 10:00 am
Please keep an eye out for the Zoom link.

If there are items you would like to have considered please contact a board member.

New This Week

Sage Hills MVC Road Work Reminder

Contractors have begun working on essential utility connections across Promontory Ranch Road, east of The Palisades neighborhood and close to the entrances into The Hills Golf Course and Clubhouse. Additional safety measures will be in place including the use of flaggers during active construction.

Please be alert and exercise extra caution when driving through that construction area. We recognize that this is primary source of traffic into and out of the community. The team will work as efficiently as possible to minimize the total days of traffic disruption. Thank you for your patience and attention.

In Case You Missed It

Homesite Inspections

Thinking of Selling Your Home? If so, please know that the Conservancy will conduct an inspection of your homesite to verify home compliance with the Design Guidelines and CC&R’s. We try to make it quick and easy for seller and buyer to comply with the HOA requirements. Section 7.4 of the CC&Rs authorize exterior inspections of homes in the ordinary course for compliance with the governing documents. The CC&Rs (Section 10.8, 11.6) provide an easement over lots for the Conservancy to inspect and ensure compliance with the governing documents. Resale inspections were instituted by the Conservancy Board a few years ago to ensure ongoing community integrity and to avoid ongoing disputes. If you have any questions about these inspections, or would like to request one, please reach out to Devin Ovard, the Director of Legal Services, via email below.

Parking Lot Renovation

Our community parking lots in the Village area are undergoing construction. The planned expansion will remove the large landscaped island separating the lower southeast lot and the upper east lot closest to the Village Clubhouse and will allow us to increase our community parking stalls in the Village area by 41 spaces. Read more about the parking lot renovation in the “Letter from Conservancy” below.

Conservancy Reminders

How to Get a Gate Opener Device

Homeowners will purchase gate opener devices using the link below. After you provide your vehicle information you will be notified by the Conservancy/Gate Staff to pick up the sensor from the Main Gatehouse off of I-80. The Concierge desk will no longer issue gate sensors.

Guest Gate Access & Visitor Policy

In response to the state of pandemic and to better monitor access to the community, the Conservancy’s Board of Directors has approved a change to public access through the gates. The gates will “close” at 7:00 pm. At that time, members of the public (i.e., not visiting a specific owner, not an approved vendor, just wanting to drive through) wishing to enter the community would be turned away. When gates are “open” (6:00 am-7:00 pm), members of the public wanting to drive through will be entered into a log with name and vehicle information and issued a pass to travel through to the other gate only.

During all hours, legitimate guests will be allowed access if a pass has been created by an owner-host or if the host can be contacted by telephone when the guest is at the gate. If the host cannot be contacted, the guest would be turned away. Gate staff will continue to follow protocol for real estate visitors to ensure limited disruption of showings.

As such, it is extremely important for Promontory owners to do two things:

  • Please enter a Gate Pass Request on the Member website or app for ALL guests ahead of their arrival.
  • Please provide a good phone number so you can be contacted if a pass has not been entered. Guests will be turned away if you cannot be contacted.

To add or update a phone number, please submit it to:

Equestrian Gate: (435) 333-4035 | Main Gate: (435) 333-4030

Trash Pick up

On trash pickup day, please keep all trash inside your dumpster, with the lid closed. Please DO NOT leave cardboard boxes, furniture, or anything else that won’t fit in the dumpster on the ground – the truck drivers will not stop to collect anything outside the dumpster. If your weekly trash is more than will fit in your dumpster, please contact Republic Services (435-615-8311) for another dumpster.

Please use your own garbage and recycling containers for garbage and recyclable materials. If you have more than your containers can handle, please DO NOT dispose of trash or recyclable materials in any dumpsters or trash bins located in Promontory. This includes but is not limited to dumpsters or bins near club facilities and construction sites.

  • Momentum Recycling offers at home glass recycling pick-up for $12/month! For more information & to sign-up click here.
    Recyclable materials can be taken to Recycle Utah in Park City.found Information can be found here.
  • For excess household garbage, Summit County has a landfill located east of Promontory. Information for the Three Mile Canyon Landfill can be found here.

Contact The Conservancy

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