The Week Of October 4th
Conservancy News & Events

Recycling is picked up every other Thursday (See Blue Highlight).
on Summit County’s Recycling Schedule.

Conservancy Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 23rd at 10:00 am
The Outfitter’s Cabin

Traffic Safety

You may see more of the Sheriff’s department on property in the future. This is a result of some concerned neighbors that went to the Sheriff to ask for more support in managing speed violators in and around Promontory.

The Sheriff appears to have stepped up traffic and speed enforcement, particularly on Promontory Ranch Road and other more heavily travelled roads.

Be sure to follow all traffic signs and drive safely.

Membership & HOA Dues

Any questions or concerns about our new billing system, please contact Molly Roberts at 435.333.4024 or click the link below.

Fire Preparedness

On September 24, the Park City Fire District presented to a group of 30 Promontory residents information on fire preparedness in our Community. Firefighter Brant Lucas remarked that Promontory homes are uniquely prepared for fire, due to the use of non-combustible exterior materials, proper vent screening, and incorporating the notion of “defensible space” when installing landscaping.

We were educated on fuel types and how Promontory will likely never see a catastrophic fire that engulfs the whole community, as there are not enough big fuel sources nor do we get strong enough winds to cause a spread. Rather, we are most susceptible to individual homesite damage from drifting embers, so it’s important to clear out all dead plant life, especially from gutters, and cover vents and other openings with a 1/16-1/8” screen.

PCFD offers a reminder that they do exterior inspections at individual homesites to assess vulnerabilities. The group in attendance suggested doing a few of these around Promontory, with other owners being invited to learn what to look for. If you are interested in hosting such an inspection at your home, please send a message to The Conservancy.

The Conservancy will continue to sponsor events with PCFD and encourages all owners to attend. Stay tuned for future announcements.

Fall Cabin Maintenance

Maintenance crews continue doing fall cleanup in the cabins neighborhoods.

Current projects include:
Blowouts of irrigation lines
Trimming and spraying trees

You may notice colored ribbons around some of your trees. These designate treatments to be performed and will be removed when complete.

Tree Care

We sat down with our arborist, tree expert Ron Curtis, and his staff and asked for their best recommendations – and we listened to them too. Here’s what they said.

Trees have an amazing ability to take care of themselves. If your tree is healthy, was planted right – in mounded soil, not stuck in a rocky hole – and is well watered and fertilized it should have no problem surviving a little critter nibbling – just as trees in the forest do – and no fence is really needed. In fact trees that have been assaulted will secret a pheromone to repel further assaults. However, some newly planted trees may require a little more TLC to help them establish a better root system before fending for themselves.

Ron’s recommendation is that newly planted trees be fenced in the fall and winter or the first year after planting to give them a chance to establish themselves, but after that they should be left to grow naturally. Part of that includes allowing them to adapt to the natural environment and all that entails. Based on this advice, Promontory will allow temporary fencing around single trees, and trees that are in close proximity to one another, a foot or so at most, to be fenced in small groups. No fence is guaranteed to work against the range of wildlife within Promontory, large and small, so in the end it may be futile anyway.

With this direction, the Conservancy will not be wrapping common area or cabin trees with black plastic tubing as has been done previously. Additionally, as the weather changes, the tip weevil insect begins its migration from the top of the tree to the ground in order to survive the winter. This is the time to care for trees by trimming any dead tops and treating the soil under and around the tree.

Promontory Is Hosting a Blood Drive

Give blood. Help save lives. Promontory is hosting a blood donation drive with American Red Cross!

If you’re interested in donating, click the link below for the eligibility requirements.

Click the link below to reserve your time slot!

Check out their Blood Donor App. Get your digital donor card, schedule  your next appointment, track your lifetime donations, view your blood pressure, and even follow your donation on its way to the hospital.

Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared. Know Your Exits.

Knowing your escape route is important before the need arises. At Promontory, there are FOUR exit points that can be used in case of an emergency.
  • Promontory Ranch Road to exit out the Main Gate or Equestrian Gate, when practicable. These routes are paved and lead to major thoroughfares better able to handle traffic.
  • Take Painted Valley Pass south as if going to the Nicklaus Golf Course, but continuing onto the dirt road where the paving ends near the driving range, which eventually leads to Brown’s Canyon
  • Go west on the dirt road off of the north side of Saddlehorn Drive in Bison Bluffs neighborhood, near the pump house, which will ultimately connect with Silver Gate Drive, Pace Frontage Road, and Promontory Ranch Road outside of the Equestrian Gate.
Please orient yourself with the community to understand the exit that best suits your location, whether leaving from home, an amenity, or elsewhere.Click below to view the Emergency Exit Map.

Pedestrian Safety

Our community is active, out, and about. Be safe when walking. When walking along a road, walk only on the shoulder (off of the asphalt), as far as practicable from the edge of the asphalt roadway. Where a sidewalk or a road shoulder is not available, walk on the outside edge of the roadway; and walk only on the far left side of the roadway facing oncoming traffic. The best place to walk is on Promontory’s 30 miles of trails.

Wildfire Prevention Tips & Tricks

Recently, Conservancy representatives, including homeowners, met with the Park City Fire District to discuss fire preparedness and mitigation at Promontory. Generally, PCFD was very complimentary of the measures already taken within the community, and noted that, even being in a dry mountain desert, we are not as likely to experience a “California-type” fire due to different wind patterns and fuel sources. PCFD also made us aware that our trail system and golf courses provide excellent fuel breaks, with the golf courses even being potential safety zones to escape to in the event of a catastrophic blaze.

As the Conservancy studies further how to best prepare for the worst, please consider these simple tips and how you might make your home fire ready.

  • Prune tree limbs so the lowest branches are several feet above the ground.
  • Fire embers are hot and travel easily in the breeze, so cover any exterior attic, soffit, or under-eave vents with metal wire mesh to prevent sparks from entering the home.
  • Clear out dead, dry vegetation under all decks and patios
    and any that directly abuts the home.
  • Consult with PCFD, who make themselves available, free of charge,
    for homesite evaluations.  The Fire Inspection office can be reached
    at 435-940-2500.
  • Ensure your home is marked with a visible, easy-to-read, non-combustible address identifier, in the event emergency response is needed at your home.  For questions on adding an address boulder near the entrance of your driveway, contact Christine Morr (435-333-4067 or

The Conservancy’s continued readiness efforts include a Community Wildfire Protection Plan, to be reviewed and endorsed by the State of Utah, and a series of homesite evaluations from PCFD throughout the various neighborhoods. In the meantime, please stay educated and understand the risks that your home faces.

Many informational resources are available to us from PCFDFirewise, and the State.

Conservancy Amenities

There is still plenty of time this summer season to be outdoors and enjoy the amenities available to all Promontory owners:

  • 30+ miles of trails
  • Soccer field, sand volleyball, sport court, and 10-station par fitness course at Mountain Garden Park
  • Mountain Garden Pond and Boat House – rowboats and fishing
  • Dog Park
  • Bocce ball in the Nicklaus Village
  • Beach House Amphitheater

During the winter season, please know that Luke Ridge Tubing Hill and daily ski shuttle service to Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort are also open to all Promontory owners.

The Conservancy is always open to recommendations for additional amenities. If you have an idea for something that would add value and enjoyment to the Promontory ownership experience, please contact a member of the Conservancy board.

Noxious Weeds

Each owner must maintain a course of treatment to control weeds throughout the spring and summer. The Conservancy is particularly concerned with those noxious plants, like thistle (prickly stem and purple flower) and dyer’s woad (yellow flower), and offers this reminder that each homeowner is responsible for treating their respective lots to prevent the spread throughout the community. Such spread limits the resources and nutrients required by desired plants and trees.

Disease-Free Trees

The Conservancy Board of Directors has adopted the below, to take effect August 19th, 2019. This message serves as a notice to all owners that any new trees installed should conform with this policy, to better prevent unnecessary spread of disease. The Conservancy will also contact local nurseries, landscapers, and contractors who regularly do work at Promontory to inform them of this new plan, and notes that many are already offering these products in the best interest of their clients.

All trees installed at private homesites shall be grown by a certified grower/nursery who has been issued a certificate pursuant to §4-15-108 of the Utah Code. Upon arrival at the construction gate for delivery of the trees, a certificate or other instrument proving each unit is free of disease shall be provided. The Conservancy reserves the right to inspect each delivery of trees, certificates notwithstanding, to patrol for disease and better deter spreading within the community. Owners are further encouraged to receive at least a one-year warranty on individual trees, whether from the grower, nursery, landscaper, etc.


The Design Guidelines require natural grasses at homesites to grow undisturbed, according to their natural growth patterns. Being aware of the potential risk this poses to wild fire issues, the Conservancy Board of Directors offers some direction to preserve the mountain aesthetic for which Promontory is known:

  • If the grass is green, let it grow freely. When it’s becoming dry, please cut and remove the debris across your lot. This would allow for a few trims at the mid to end of the summer season. Weekly cutting to less than four inches is not approved outside of wild fire “fuel break” areas.
  • During the spring and summer seasons, natural grass can be cut in a “tapered” fashion, away from the home, such that it’s shorter near the home, but longer as it extends toward the property line.
  • Continuously maintain “fuel breaks” by removing dead or dry landscaping.

Motorized Vehicles At Promontory

Any and all vehicles driven on Promontory roadways (with the sole exception of Conservancy, Club Trail, and Golf Maintenance Equipment) must be properly registered and licensed with the State of Utah. All vehicles driven on Promontory Roadways must be driven by a licensed driver. Although they are gated, Promontory’s streets are made subject to the traffic laws of the State of Utah by these rules. Traffic laws may be enforced by the Summit County Sheriff’s Department and violations are also subject to penalties imposed by the Conservancy.

ATV’s, four-wheelers, and the like SHALL NEVER be driven on Promontory’s open space, trails and/or golf courses.

Dog Leash Policy

Please remember that all dogs are required to be on a leash, unless on the designated OFF-Leash Trail or at The Dog Park.

For more detailed information on Promontory Conservancy’sPolicy Regarding Pets please click the link below.

Wildlife & Rodenticides

Rodenticides, the poisons sometimes used to kill rodents, have an impact beyond the location where they were initially used. Birds of prey, such as owls and hawks, may be harmed or killed by consuming poisoned rodents, even at non-lethal doses. Additionally, hawks and owls may feed poisoned rodents to their young.

We ask that you please use snap traps to control rodent infestations without negatively impacting non-target wildlife.

Emergency Notifications

Some years ago Summit County created a system to provide phone, email, and text messages regarding emergencies. The system was upgraded such that anyone who previously signed up will need to sign up again.

The alert center also provides information about non-emergency matters in and about Summit County.

gated community park city utah

Guest Gate Access

Promontory will now be using ForeTees for generating guest passes.

Club Members

If you’ve been using ForeTees already, all you need to  do is login, go
to the home page and scroll down to “Guest & Visitor Pass”.

Owners That Are Not Members

Go to Sign in using your legal lot ID (Example: HSD-5) as your username and your last name with the first letter capitalized as your password (Example: Smith). You’ll be able to change your username and password after your first log in. Once you are logged in, you’ll see a menu on the left side. Click on “Gate & Visitor Pass” and create the pass.

If you have any problems or questions about logging in, please contact Joe Ellis.

Contact The Conservancy

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