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The Board of Governors

The Promontory Member Board of Governors is a group of Members selected from across membership types and geographic origins to represent the interests of the Members as the Promontory Management Team make operational decisions. This group meets quarterly with the Promontory Executive Team to offer the Member perspective on issues such as hours of operation, menus, property management issues and member programming across all activities.

Member Board of Governors

The 2018 Board of Governors: 

  • Mr. Chris Jeavons
  • Mr. Gene Dunlap
  • Mr. George Hrdina
  • Ms. Jane Howze
  • Mr. John Irvin
  • Mr. Orrin Harrison
  • Ms. Robin Milne
  • Ms. Robyn Lee
  • Mr. Ryan Kartchner
  • Mr. Shawn Potter
  • Mr. Skip Hodgetts
  • Mr. Stephen Lees
  • Mr. Tom Hildebrandt
  • Mr. Val Hardcastle

The Board welcomes your comments and feedback. Feel free to contact the Board directly by emailing:

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