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Ski Tips from Promontory’s Outfitter-Sean Smith

Promontory Outfitter Sean Smith is the best Park City guide to all your outdoor adventures. A Utah native, Sean will provide you with all the outdoor tips you need to explore the breathtaking trails and terrain of Promontory and the surrounding majestic Wasatch Range!

Sean’s Ski Tips:

Step 1: “Ski over your feet.” Keep your weight over the balls of your feet with your knees bent, hands strong in front, eyes up, chest up, and keep a sturdy stance over your skis.

Step 2: In powder, remember to keep your weight “light and tall,” making the transition from left to right much easier, to keep you on top of the snow. Lean back ever so slightly to help keep your ski tips floating.

Step 3: Vision! Keep your eyes up and pick your path. This is especially helpful in the trees; look at your line, don’t look at the trees. Your skis will go where your eyes tell them.

Step 4: Pick the most direct line down the slope. Don’t fight the fall line; pick the most direct route you feel comfortable skiing and let gravity do the work.

Enjoy the ‘greatest snow on earth’ and then kick back at the Promontory Alpine Lodge – there’s nothing better!

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