Recycling at Promontory: Going Green

Recycling at Promontory: Going Green

Summit County is the providing residential recycling services at Promontory through Allied Waste, which currently picks up trash from Promontory residences. This service is free of charge. They will provide recycling pick-up every other Thursday at the same time (7 AM). The smaller GRAY waste bin will be used for trash pick-up, and the larger BROWN bin is your new recycling bin. Please be sure to place both bins at the curb each Wednesday night, and remove them from the curb on Thursday after pick-up. The Conservancy assesses a $25 fine for any bin left out past Friday morning. For your information and convenience, the following items may be recycled:

All Plastics #1 through #7 (including plastic bags), caps and lids left on bottles, aluminum cans, tin cans and all paper (including newspaper, mail, cardboard, paperboard, phone books, office and notebook paper) are all APPROVED.

  • Glass WILL NOT be allowed in this new recycle bin.
  • Items which cannot be recycled curbside (e.g. glass) may be dropped off at Recycle Utah, 1951 Woodbine Way, Park City.

Click here to view the calendar for county recycle pick-up in Promontory.

Should you have any questions regarding this new County recycling service, please contact REPUBLIC SERVICES.

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