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Promontory Fitness

Bring out the best you with our Promontory state-of-the-art fitness facility. The Ranch Clubhouse offers an ideal place where you can be comfortable and achieve your fitness goals.  With a range of classes including Spin, Circuit Training, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba, you are sure to receive a great work-out and have fun!  Yoga_Aspens

Promontory Director of Fitness, Jodilyn Turner, has over 25 years of training experience. With a degree in Exercise and Sports Science as well as a certified trainer, Jodilyn can work with you to help you become your best. All the certified trainers and aerobics instructors work within the five components of fitness, which include:

1. muscular strength

2. endurance

3. balance

4. cardiovascular

5. flexibility


When you leave the Promontory Fitness Center, you will find yourself feeling great!  Jodilyn’s philosophy will truly take you to new heights in meeting your fitness goals.  Her mission statement for Promontory’s Fitness is : “ It’s your space to walk in, feel comfortable and walk out in greatness”. With a complete body and soul connection, you can achieve your personal accomplishments in an enjoyable atmosphere. Our Promontory professionals will give you the encouragement you need. Find your beat, your path, your comfort zone, and join us in becoming your best self!

Call Jodilyn for more details on our classes and personal training sessions. Find us on the Promontory Calendar:

Email or call 435- 333-4206.

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