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For each Lot you own, please choose and vote for two (2) of the following candidates for the Conservancy Board of Directors. In order to legitimize the election, the Conservancy must have a sufficient number of proxy/ballots on file to constitute a quorum. Therefore, it is extremely important that this proxy/ballot be completed for every lot you own and returned promptly!

Please keep in mind that each Lot is only entitled to vote once (for two candidates), regardless of the number of Owners. Multiple Owners of a single Lot shall determine among themselves two (2) candidates of their choice, and shall submit a single proxy/ballot accordingly.

Any proxy/ballot indicating more than two (2) candidates for a single Lot will immediately be deemed invalid.

Please vote for two candidates from the following list:

  • David Elizondo, (The Summit, Lot 21)
  • Scott Hardman, (The Palisades, Lot 5)
  • John Irvine, (Lookout Ridge, Lot 19)
  • Leslie Larson, (The Homesteads, Lot 2)
  • Rick Tabaracci, (The Homesteads, Lot7 & Painted Sky 16, Lot 16)

To read Candidate Bios, Click Here.

Please complete the Proxy/Ballot below before December 18, 2018.

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