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Susie and Alvin Ortner left the Windy City for a slower paced life in the mountains of Park City and they have never looked back.

Susie grew up in a suburb of Chicago and Alvin was born and raised in Louisville. They met in college at The University of Wisconsin-Madison in the 60s. Susie always knew she would move back to Chicago after college – after being home for six months Alvin followed her there.  Susie started her career in advertising media at Leo Burnett as a media buyer and media supervisor. When she had kids she started her own company, Ortner Media, and worked for 40 years until she retired last year.

Alvin was in furniture manufacturing, the marketing aspect, at Stratford Furniture. He was vice president of marketing and merchandising for the Stratolounger recliner which was the largest division in the company. The sales and marketing office was in Chicago but manufacturing was in North Carolina and Mississippi.  Alvin traveled so frequently he was a Delta Flying Colonel – an invitation only frequent flyer program which was a big deal back then but now not so much. At least he’s a lifetime Flying Colonel member which means he gets access to the Crown Room!

They have two kids; Jenifer, their oldest who lives in New York with her husband and three boys and their son, David, who also lives in New York with his wife and two boys. Susie loves to babysit and will fly out at the drop of a hat anytime the kids call for a sitter!

Susie and Alvin have taken one ski trip together every year since the ’80s. They started in Colorado but once they found Park City they never went anywhere else… They have been coming to Park City for over 35 years. According to Alvin, “People come to Park City for the skiing but stay for the Carrot Cake at Deer Valley,” he said laughing! After traveling here for years they bought a timeshare because they were giving away lift tickets with the purchase and after that they bought in lower Deer Valley. Each year they fell more and more in love with PC and decided to move here permanently. In 2014 they began searching for the perfect community and fell in love with Promontory and its incredible amenities. They became full-time members in December 2015.

The Ortners couldn’t be happier with their life in a state that starts with a vowel and their “six Saturdays and a Sunday” weeks!

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