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Hello, Promontory Ladies.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions in the attached survey. We very much appreciate your participation and look forward to sharing the results of the survey with you.

1. How many days are you usually in Promontory between May 1st and Sept. 30th?
2. Which do you most often play?
3. Do you belong to any other clubs?
4. Do you play in your other clubs' member/guest tournaments?
5. How often do you golf at Promontory?
6. Which golf tournaments did you participate in during 2021? Check all that apply.
7. In the following tournaments, do you think it is desirable to have a "theme" for the tournament? Check all that apply.
8. Which formats do you prefer for tournaments? Check all that apply.
9. How do you feel about mid-late June tournaments? Check all that apply.
10. For the Ladies' Member/Guest, what would you prefer?
11. Do you prefer to have one high-end quality tee gift or daily smaller gifts for the tournaments?
12. For the tee gift at the Ladies' tournaments, would you prefer (select up to 2 choices)
13. For tournament prizes, would you prefer:
14. Which events do you like to see as part of a 2-day Member/Guest? Select all that are important to you.
15. In golf tournaments, how do you feel about supplementing Promontory's restaurant prepared food with food trucks?
16. Which dinner/event format do you prefer for the Member/Guest?
17. Which dinner/event format do you prefer for the Member/Member?
18. Which dinner/event format do you prefer for the Couples Tournament?
19. Are you personally interested in participating in a beginners program to learn the game of golf?
20. Are you interested in participating in an organized out of state golf trip to another club(s) with your fellow female golf members?
21. In forming teams to compete against other clubs, what do you prefer? Select all that apply.
22. What other items and accessories would you like to see in the Pro Shop? Check all that apply.
23. Are you interested in the ability to special order select clothing items (ex. I want top X in size Z)?
24. Are you interested in quality Promontory branded home goods (i.e robes, slippers, etc.)? Check all that apply.
26. Which do you believe is the proper/appropriate name for our female golf organization?
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