Find Yourself Outdoors at Promontory – It’s Natural!

Trail winds weave between the tall aspen trees, birds chirping, and scampers in the brush are heard as children joyfully hike their way through the trees at Promontory.  Quiet now… the mule deer are munching on sage brush and will leap gracefully away if people are seen or heard.  Empty nests are built high above, waiting for a hawk or an owl to call it their own. It’s all natural here at Promontory.


Exploring the outdoors at Promontory any time of year is easy for adults and children. In wintertime, it’s all about snowshoes, ice-skates, sledding, building snowmen, following animal tracks, discovering icicles and seeing snowshoe hares gracefully hop across the top of the snow.

Spring and summer bring sounds of birds chirping as they build their nests.  Children can be seen playing on the trails, fishing at the pond, chasing butterflies and skipping stones.  All outdoors, with Mother Nature.


In recent years, national and worldwide initiatives encouraging children to go outdoors and play.  The United State Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get at least one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise every day. – Journal of Pediatrics.   In addition to vigorous exercise, kids should enjoy childhood and get outside and play!  In recent years, a report stated that children who participate in “wild nature activities before age 11 are more likely to be caring for the environment as adults. (Wells and Lekies, 2006)


Connecting children to nature is easy thanks to parks, green belts and sports fields as one way kids around the country should go outside.  Many children living in big cities do not have a direct connection to wilderness, forests or parks.  Because of this, parents neet to find alternative ways to help get their children outdoors.


For families who have homes in beautiful Promontory, Park City, Utah, the amenity of the great outdoors come “naturally.”  Aspen trees, wide open trails, skiing in powder, fishing, hiking and biking are just a few options.  It’s all “natural” and it’s all in one beautiful place — Promontory.


Visit Promontory with your family and see how easy it is to get your children outside!  Our sales team can help find that perfect place to call home as you all enjoy the natural beauty of Promontory year round!

Promontory Park City UT

8758 N Promontory Ranch Rd
Park City, UT 84098





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