Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Information

Direct Inquiries To: conservancy@promontoryclub.com

Director of Owner Services: Joe Ellis, jellis@promontoryclub.com, (435) 602-0420.

  • All community-related questions, including:
    • snow plow/traffic emergencies
    • traffic policies, patrol, and parking
    • shuttle services
    • mailbox set up
    • lot sign ordering
    • general community rules and policies.
  • For a serious snow removal concern, you may also email: snowremoval@promontoryclub.com.

Director of Legal Services: Logan Finlayson, lfinlayson@promontoryclub.com, (435) 333-4063.

  • All inquiries regarding Promontory’s CCR’s and Use Restrictions, Design Guidelines, specific property encumbrances, residency-related forms, and/or any written correspondence you have directly received from the Conservancy.

ARC Inspector: Aaron Trammell, atrammell@promontoryclub.com, (801) 623-0487.

  • Homesite construction questions/concerns and scheduling construction inspections

Conservancy Operations Director: Chris Phinney, cphinney@promontoryclub.com, (435) 729-0405

ARC Representative: Dale Ayers, dayers@promontoryclub.com (435) 333-4230

  • Design Review related questions and/or inquiries

Executive Director: Meagan Brunson, mbrunson@promontoryclub.com, (435) 333-4228.

Conservancy Board Members:

For non-Conservancy, Club-facilities related emergencies, please call Promontory’s Facilities Director, Jim Byler, jbyler@promontoryclub.com, (435) 901-3059.

Equestrian Gatehouse: 435-333-4035