Easter Egg Decorating Ideas at Promontory

Well, its that time of year when the Easter Bunny pays us a visit once again. The idea of buying Easter eggs that have already been decorated has become more prevalent these days, but there is more fun to be had with the family if you decide to decorate the eggs the traditional way and create beautiful color yourselves.

When it comes time for everyone to gather and decorate Easter eggs, you may want to consider something a bit more exciting than simply dyeing the eggs a basic color. If so, you’re going to love this post because we’ve put together some really creative ideas to make your Easter creations shine!

Fabric and Thread

Dye your egg as normal, and allow it to dry. Then experiment with different pieces of fabric or thread, tying them around the outside of the egg, and finishing them with a bow or other decoration. What can works really well is using pastel ink shades to dye your eggs, and then find a contrasting thread color to wrap around it several times. You’ll need some craft glue to make the thread decoration stick to the egg surface.


What about using tiny stencils to create really intricate designs on your eggs? You can use these stencils to either paint your eggs by hand, or you could use some spray paint instead – just make sure it’s safe for household use. Using these stencils will allow your kids to create some really elaborate designs. Be certain to dye the eggs in advance, though, before you stencil.

Glitter Eggs

Magical Kingdom Easter Eggs? Sure! After immersing your eggs in dye, allow them to dry and then coating them with a sparkling layer of glitter. You’ll need some kid-friendly craft glue to make the glitter stick to the egg surface, and your kids will have fun experimenting and decorating their eggs with many colors and types of glitter. Just be careful, they might decorate you in glitter, too!

Flower Power

Why not try dyeing an egg a pastel color and then decorate it with adhesive flowers. You could use adhesive daisies, or something similar, but you’ll see that the final effect is lovely and well worth the effort.

Speckled Eggs

Don’t worry you won’t need any heavy duty painting equipment for this, but once you have your eggs dyed you can then put them on a sheet of paper, load a craft brush with paint and then flick the loose paint onto the eggs. The sprayed patterns of the paint will give your eggs a speckled look, something that is very difficult to achieve using any other method.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas we’ve shared with you in this post. We’re sure you can take at least one of these ideas and use it to create an afternoon of creative and memorable fun for you and your kids this Easter. At Promontory, we are all about keeping traditions and bringing families closer together. Don’t miss our Easter Brunch at the Hearth Grille or our Easter Egg Hunt at The Shed. For more information on our Promontory Club, visit us at www.promontoryclub.com or call us at 435-333-4600.

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