Community Access & Traffic Regulations

The Conservancy’s new Community Access and Gatehouse procedures are intended to separate member/guest and construction traffic and to relieve congestion at peak hours. The procedures redirect most sales traffic to enter through the Main Gate and incorporate differentiated construction access passes to help our patrol identify which workers need to travel via the Ranch Club Trail to their job sites and which must bypass the Club Compound area by using Promontory Ranch Road.


The Equestrian Gate at Promontory is largely restricted to members and members’ guests only. Only members, members’ guests and Promontory employees are allowed to enter through the Equestrian Gate entrance. Incidentally, members and members’ guests are still permitted to access Promontory through either the Main Gate or the Equestrian Gate entrances; however, other parties are restricted to accessing Promontory by way of the Main Gate or the Construction Gate only. The Equestrian Gate is manned 24 hours daily.

The Main Gate is manned from 6:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. midnight.

Members may enter through the automatic gates at either gate with a gate access card. The software for the gate card system has been upgraded in March 2017, and some old gate access cards no longer work in the system. Owners who find their card no longer works should present their old card to a Guard who can issue them a new one. If a member does not have their gate card with them at the time of entry, he/she can always identify themselves to the Guard to gain access.

As a Promontory member, you are provided with windshield stickers which identify you as an owner/member of The Promontory Conservancy. These stickers should be displayed in the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver’s side. For members who regularly use a rental car when visiting Promontory, you may request a plastic member hang-tag for use in your rental car by contacting Promontory’s Member Services Director: Philina McNeil. Philina may be reached via email here or by phone at (435) 333-4204.

All other persons wishing to gain access to Promontory must enter through the Main Gate entrance (with the exception of construction personnel who will continue to enter and exit through the construction entrance at the Equestrian Gate). Sales prospects, servicemen, appraisers, home inspectors and others should enter Promontory through the Main Gate at all times.

If you have questions regarding the gate access procedures at Promontory, please feel free to contact either the Gatehouse or the Club Concierge at (435) 333-4000.

In order to moderate speeds and redirect construction traffic away from occupied residential neighborhoods, the Conservancy has installed additional stop signs on the Ranch Club Trail and has provided for additional daily roving speed patrol, especially during peak traffic times (i.e. 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.). The Conservancy Patrol is equipped with a radar gun to monitor traffic, and those observed in violation of posted speeds or other violations of the Conservancy’s traffic regulation signage will be issued a warning, either by mail or in person by the Patrol Officer who witnesses the infraction.

In each case where a violation is traceable to a particular Lot Owner or to the Owner’s family members, Guests, Employees or Construction Contractor(s) (including any and all materialmen, workpersons, employees, subcontractors, etc.), a copy of the warning and a letter of notification will be sent to the Lot Owner and will be counted toward a “3-strikes” system of fines to Lot Owners if they or anyone traceable to their Lot (as mentioned above) commits a traffic law violation:

  1. 1st Violation: Traffic warning to violator & 1st letter to Owner identifying violation
  2. 2nd Violation: Traffic warning to violator & 2nd letter to Owner identifying violation
  3. 3rd (and any subsequent) Violation: Traffic warning to violator & 3rd (or subsequent) letter to Owner identifying violation and assessment of an enforcement charge (initially set by the Conservancy Board at $200) against Owner’s Conservancy account for the 3rd and for any subsequent violation. Conservancy may file recorded Notice of Interest against Owner’s Lot to secure same. Fines from violations will be earmarked to cover the cost of Conservancy Patrol enforcement.

In addition to increased Gatehouse ingress/egress monitoring and notification of traffic rule violations by The Conservancy Patrol, the Conservancy has arranged for the Summit County Sheriff to provide increased patrols within Promontory to issue traffic citations in cases where violations are observed by Sheriff’s Deputies.

For traffic policy, patrol, or parking questions, please call Promontory’s Director of Owner Services, Joe Ellis at (435) 602-0420.

For snow plow or traffic emergencies, please call the Equestrian Gate at (435) 333-4035 or Promontory’s Director of Owner Services, Joe Ellis at (435) 602-0420.

Policies, Procedures & Documents

Below is a collection of The Conservancy’s policies, procedures and documents. We will routinely update these materials as changes occur. If you have any questions regarding these policies and procedures, feel free to email us for more information.

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