Important Club Information

Important Club Phone Numbers

Concierge  435-333-4000 x0
  The Peak 435-333-4000
  The Shed Clubhouse 435-333-4622
  The Hearth Grille 435-333-4000
The Alpine Lodge At Deer Valley 435-615-7211
Design Review-Architect 435-333-4230
Equestrian Center 435-333-4033
Gatehouses 435-333-4000 x6
  Pete Dye Golf 435-333-4000 x1
  Nicklaus Clubhouse/Golf 435-333-4720
Home Services 435-333-4220
Kinnikinnick Kids Cabin 435-333-4050
Member Billing 435-333-4024
Outfitter’s Cabin 435-333-4000 x2
Promontory Spa 435-333-4210
Real Estate Sales / The Hub 435-333-4600

The Conservancy has installed an internet-based software system that will allow you to easily and remotely manage your guests’ and visitors’ access to Promontory. Through the Dwelling Live program, you may notify the gatehouses about your temporary and recurring guests so that they may receive gate passes. As a resident, you control the time frame when each visitor can enter the property and you will be informed when they arrive. Our goal is to ensure that every vehicle on property has an approved pass for everyone’s protection. On the Promontory homepage (, scroll to the Conservancy tab. Click on Gatehouse Management. Your username is the email address that Promontory has on file, and your password is the same.

The gate staff will enforce our new policy requiring a gate pass on every vehicle that enters the property. Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the program so that we do not accidentally turn away any of your  visitors at the gate.  Please don’t hesitate to call the Concierge desk at 435-333-4000 with any questions.


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