Promontory Snow Removal Information


The Conservancy looks forward to keeping Promontory’s roadways every snow season plowed and passable for the safety of its homeowners and their guests. The Board works hard to respond to homeowner concerns during each year’s snowfall and snow removal services. Please see the map below which illustrates the priority order for snow plowing at Promontory this winter.

The Conservancy’s Contractor for snow plow service will be on-site at Promontory 24 hours in advance of an anticipated snow event and will use the most up-to-date 24-hour surveillance for weather monitoring at Promontory. Snow plow crews will continually monitor and remove snow and ice throughout ongoing storm conditions so as to keep Promontory’s roadways passable and in line with County and State public safety requirements. We fully anticipate their service to be both timely and thorough and to exceed our minimum requirements.

Click here to view map of the snow removal services anticipated during this winter season at Promontory.