Below are the general rules governing the structure and purpose of the Conservancy Board of Governors, including Conservancy Meeting dates and contact information.

The Promontory Conservancy Board of Directors is the body responsible for the general governance and administration of the Conservancy. As established in Promontory's Governing Documents, the Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis to ensure that specific aspects of the Promontory Community (including architectural integrity; infrastructure, roadway, landscape maintenance and daily security patrol services) are being performed at levels appropriate and satisfactory to Promontory homeowners.

Members of the Board essentially act as the managers of Promontory's homeowner's association, and each Board member affirmatively undertakes to make informed, thoughtful decisions that are necessary for the Conservancy's continued and successful day-to-day operation.

At present, the three members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Stephen Lees, Promontory Controller
  • Mike Coopman, Promontory Development Director
  • David Nadler, Owner-elected Board Member

Karin Wilson the Executive Director, also acts as the President of the Conservancy and oversees its day-to-day operations.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for the Conservancy, please e-mail Karin Wilson at If you have questions concerns or suggestions for the Board, please email and the Board will address issues either on or before the next Conservancy Board of Directors meeting.

Annual Meeting

The Conservancy generally holds its annual meeting at the end of the year. During this meeting, a status report of the Conservancy annual activities is presented, special Conservancy announcements and/or projects are described, and other miscellaneous Conservancy issues are discussed by the general Promontory ownership and the Conservancy Board of Directors and Officers.

Every other year, the Conservancy will hold a general election to elect Owner-elected Class A Board Members (the number of these is determined by the number of owners in the Conservancy which, in turn, determines the number of places on the Board), and announce the results of that election at the Annual Meeting.

2013 Annual Meeting Notes
2014 Conversancy Budget

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