Authentic Mountain Ranch Character

Architecture and landscape in all their subtle detail must work together in harmony to achieve the goal of creating Promontory to be nothing short of a work of art. An authentic mountain ranch character, that is so appropriate to Promontory’s setting, is the basis from which all buildings must evolve. Many interpretations of this character are expected, and encouraged, but the respect for the natural and historic environment must be evident in all designs.

The architecture of Promontory must evoke the qualities of authenticity, proportionality, craftsmanship, sustain- ability, and socially conscience design. Materials of heavy texture, deep recessed windows, protective overhangs, roof forms of character, strong and protective architectural massing, colors of the earth, and significant usage of stone and wood will be some of the primary design elements that will be required in all Promontory homes.

The purpose is not to create look-alike buildings, but to create a harmonious architecture that is sympathetic to Promontory’s incredible natural setting.

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Park City, UT | Promontory Club