Promontory Conservancy Dog Park


The Promontory Conservancy introduces the new Promontory Dog Park, which is now open for community use! The dog park is located on the Ridge Trail, up the hill to the north of the Ridge Trail Pond. To find the Ridge Trail Pond, turn off of Promontory Ranch Road, and head south down Painted Valley Pass about a mile. Parking for the Dog Park will be visible on the west side of Painted Valley Pass, and is co-located with parking for the Ridge Trail Pond, at the Ridge Trail Trailhead. There will be a mulched parking area and signage leading up to the Promontory Dog Park. Please remember to keep your dogs on a leash when entering and exiting the park and to be mindful of other residents and their animals as you do so. To view the Promontory Dog Park Policies and Rules, please click here. The Conservancy is excited about this addition to our community and hope it will encourage positive family, friend and pet interaction!


To ensure Promontory remains a pet-friendly community, that is also safe for all homeowners and wildlife, anyone residing at or visiting Promontory should be aware of the Pet Policy, and abide by these important rules. Because Promontory now has a Dog Park which is specifically designated as an off-leash area, the Conservancy will be very strict in enforcing its leash policy everywhere else at Promontory. Specifically, the Conservancy wishes to remind Promontory owners and guests the community roadways and trails, along with the soccer field, pond and trails located at Mountain Garden Park are areas for Promontory families and their guests to enjoy. Animals are not allowed off-leash in these locations or anywhere else at Promontory and are never allowed on the golf courses (even when on-leash).