Important Information

Promontory is a private luxury second home community comprised of 6,400 acres located in Park City, Utah. Currently the community has over 11 miles of conservancy trails.

Nature is truly celebrated at Promontory. The Gatehouse is a welcoming structure anchored in rustic stone, where the Promontory Ranger extends a warm and gracious Promontory welcome. This magical place is a 10-square-mile sweep of untamed high country rising and falling from 6,500 to 7,400 feet in elevation, over 60% of which is forever protected as natural open space. The land, all 6,400 acres of it, is fostered under the vigilant stewardship of the Promontory Conservancy.

Serving as both the Home Owners’ Association and the environmental guardian for the community, the Conservancy ensures that the policies protecting the Club’s open spaces are upheld, and that its internal trail system and neighborhood parks are properly maintained. Funded by owner dues and a 1% enhancement fee from real estate sales, the Conservancy’s oversight ensures that this sweeping display of natural grandeur will be protected for future generations to enjoy.

Promontory CC&R’s

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

Rules & Regulations

Architectural Review



Estate sites: average approximately _ _acres

Cabin sites: average approximately _ _acres


$5,000 for Estate sites from Conceptual Review through Final approval

$5,000 for Estate site Construction Administration

$3,000 for Cabin sites from Conceptual Review through Final approval

$3,000 for Cabin site Construction Administration

Community Association Quarterly Assessment in 2017 is budgeted at $___ per quarter and includes:

Safety and security operations

Roads and landscaping, including snow removal on private roads

Architecture Review

Administrative operations

Replacement Reserve funding


2017 Board Of Govenors

Dr. Herbert Binder
Mr. Gene Dunlap
Mr. Fred Gysi
Mr. Orrin Harrison
Mr. Tom Hildebrandt
Mrs. Jane Howze
Mr. George Hrdina
Mr. John Irvine
Mr. Gary Mandel

United States Postal Service mail will be delivered to Promontory. Members must activate their Promontory mail box before receiving any mail from the United States Postal Service. If a mailbox is not activated, mail and parcels will be returned. To complete this process, please see or email the Conservancy Director at

Fed-Ex & UPS Delivery will be delivered to the home address or the gatehouse. NOT the Clubhouse or Gate House.

Trying to send mail to the general Promontory mailing address?

8758 N. Promontory Ranch Road
Park City, Utah 84098