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Spend Years of Adventure at Promontory's Kinnikinnick Cabin, the best Park City Kids' Activities and Recreation Cabin.

Children ages four to twelve will enjoy year round camps. Camps focus on creativity, physical activity and our open space conservancy. All activities are age appropriate and consistent with the philosophy that play is always learning, Children become engaged with family and friends through their camp experiences.

Teenagers ages 11 to 14 are invited to participate in many of the camps as volunteers and mentors. Youth who desire to be mentors will go through a mentoring program before they volunteer. Volunteer hours are limited and are on an as needed basis.

Kids Activities

Fall/Winter Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Summer Hours

Open Daily 9:00am – 4:00pm

Extended holiday and special even hours are posted at the Kid's Cabin.

Children of all ages will find an answer to their adventurous calling

Rock-Climbing wall

The freckled-face grins routinely stretch ear to ear at the Kinnikinnick Cabin, which explains why it’s the first place kids want to visit the instant their families arrive at Promontory. Situated a short walk away from the Ranch Clubhouse, this 5,000-square-foot “kids only” clubhouse designed for 4-12 year-old offers organized activities, games and crafts, and also serves as the jumping-off point for the Promontory Adventure Trail—a Tom Sawyer-inspired fantasy path meandering through trees and across a stream, complete with a water-slide, log cabin, fort, tree house and cave. A rock climbing wall is situated in the core of the adventure trail allowing kids to reach the top of their very own kid adventures.

Whitewater Rock Slide

A summer splash is the perfect way to spend the summer as kids venture down the Rock Slide at Promontory’s Kid’s Cabin and Adventure Trail. All throughout the summer kids enjoy everything from golf, to tennis, swimming and summer camps created for their little imaginations and creativity to run wild. The Kid’s Cabin is the place to be for kids while mom and dad enjoy their own mountain adventures at Promontory’s world-class amenities suited for every age and interest.

The Arts

Paint with professional water colors or acrylics on canvas. Enjoy learning new skills in visual arts and creativity. The juke box and player piano is perfect for music enrichment and enjoyment. Kids dance, sing and create daily. Movie Camp, Song Writers Camp and Art Camps bring out creative artist in all children.

Arcade games, crafts, loft area and comfy porches

Chat with friends, play Foosball or join in a board game. Build a boat to float on the pond or create a fun craft using all natural materials. The cabin is the perfect place to feel at “home” with your camp friends.

Sports camps

A wide variety of scheduled sports and activity camps for kids is offered during the summer. The week-long camps are designed to provide greater instruction in soccer, basketball and other field sports. The camps are a great way to strengthen a child’s agility and confidence—and better prepare them for their chosen sport once they leave Promontory and go back to school. Golf and tennis camps are taught by our professional coaches while field sports bring in special guests to camp, like RSL players and British Soccer professionals.

Tree house with hanging bridge and forts

Experience that “old west” feel through active play and adventures! Perfect for a secret club meeting, hiding and playing. Let your imagination run wild among the wooden forts, towers and aspen trees.

Adventure trail with swinging bridge and archaeological "dig"

Dig up the wholly mammoth that is buried in the sand at the base of the rock wall. Enjoy running through the aspen trees and bridges. The pond is the perfect spot to sit on the rocks and watch the Kio fish and the occasional salamander. Raise wood sticks down the stream or jump from rock to rock up to through the trees, the pond has lots activity.

Spontaneous Nature Encounters

Pairing kids and nature is perfectly natural at a place like Promontory, and the activities are fun, educational and virtually limitless. Whether it’s peering through telescopes, geocaching adventures, bird-watching treks, or watching animal encounters from a distance, it can all be captured through the camera lens!

Winter snow treks through the aspen trees and watching the snowshoe hare make winter just as exciting. Every day unplanned, spontaneous nature stories takes place. As part of our stewardship to the more than 7,000 acres, children find respectable fun capturing natural moments.


The Kinnikinnick Kids' Cabin is a 5,000-square-foot "kids only" clubhouse located at the Ranch Clubhouse compound. Filled with boundless imagination (and carefully disguised education), it's enough to make most grown-ups wish they were pint-sized.

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